I am a Los Angeles-based artist who was born in Malaysia and grew up in Sydney.

My background is in 2D animation, and “Mucha Lucha” (Warner Bros, Cartoon Network) is one series that I co-created, designed and produced.

Since 2008,  I have been drawing dogs professionally. This website is for personal illustration projects that are not all about dogs.

If you are interested in commissioning new artwork or in purchasing any of these images as prints, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me at lili.chin@gmail.com

I am also on instagram, twitter and facebook.

lili signature

All images are  Copyright ©2006-2016 Lili Chin

6 thoughts on “About

  1. We are opening a shop in Milan toelettatura center for dogs, I saw his posters of the various races of dogs and nationality. I would like to receive the posters to put on the walls. I want to know how doing to acquire them.
    Ubaldo Lai – Mobile 347.7957699

  2. Lili, I loved your posters of dogs of the world. I am searching for something free or very affordable for our 4-H Project. Can you get back to me privately on if you could help with your Dogs of the World Posters? Thank you! Tami

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